Are You Facing Foreclosure In Illinois ?



HAMP Loan Modification

After a HAMP loan modification our clients interest rates are reduced to 2% and the loan term is extended to a 40 year loan making the payment as low as possible.  A good way to estimate your new payment would be to add the principal owed on the house along with any missed payments and late fees, extend the payments based on 480 months, and add a 2% interest rate.  Or, take the gross monthly income of the household and times it by 31%, that will also give you an estimate of what your payment should be.

Global Settlement Modification

This is the best loan modification program in the market today.  It lowers the principal amount of your loan as well as your payment, and takes the home out of Foreclosure.  Loans that qualify for this program are Conventional loans, NOT FHA government loans.  Please call Attorney’s Consumer Defense Group and we will pre-approve you for this modification.

Department of Justice Modification

This loan modification is similar to the Global Settlement Modification.  Basically, it does the same thing – it lowers the principal of the loan and the monthly payment.  Again, we can pre-approve you for this program during the initial consultation.

Stay In Your Home While We Defend Your Foreclosure Case.

Attorney’s Consumer Defense Group is experienced and gets results! The threat of losing your home can take a toll on you and your family no matter what stage of the foreclosure process you are in.  The most important thing for you to do to protect yourself and your family is to hire PROPER & EXPERIENCED representation.

Step 1: Reach Out To Us For The Solution.

When you reach out to us by filling the form out on the right of this page, you will receive an IMMEDIATE response back from Attorney’s Consumer Defense Group. The 1st step of “Reaching Out” is the most important part of the process. As you can see by the foreclosure timeline below, the longer you put off this step the worse your situation will get – preventing you from taking advantage of certain programs and defenses.

We Get Results At An Affordable Price.

We feel that it is our DUTY to educate and consult any homeowner that reaches out to us for help. There is never a charge or fee for an initial consultation. We made it our mission to help Illinois homeowners that are facing Foreclosure or having trouble paying their mortgages.  Our mission to protect homeowners shows in our record as an Attorney for Abraham & Sweeney and through the clients that we have helped.

What Happens 1st?

As soon as you reach out to us by filling the form out on the right of this page, we will personally contact you. Most homeowners are surprised that I personally handle their case. They are also surprised how affordable it can be to defend them against the foreclosing lender. We have the ability to work out really affordable payment programs that fit into a modest family budget. When we talk on the initial consultation, this is what I want to accomplish.

1) Get to know you and identify your immediate needs

2) Listen to your story and assess your personal situation

3) Identify exactly where you are in the process

4) Discuss your desired options (Loan Modification, Principle Reduction, Stay In Your Home, Short Sale, Etc)

5) Lay out a “Plan Of Attack”

After our initial consultation with clients, we always ask what they thought we accomplished on the initial call.

The Overwhelming Client Response Is A “Feeling Of Relief”

We understand the law and how to defend homeowner’s rights.  The Foreclosure Process is very intimidating when it’s just you against the bank.  After we consult people, they feel like they have someone on their side. When you hire us, all of the phone calls from the bank will stop so you can take a step back and get back on track. Our office deals with those calls so you don’t have to. It is actually illegal for a collector to contact you once you tell them that you have hired legal representation.

Remember, It’s Never Too Late Or Too Early To Reach Out To Us For Help.

Fill out the form on the right and I look forward to helping you and your family.


Dave Siegel